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Please Note: Due to a recent development, Koharu Sakamoto and Sarah Allen are no longer able to write for The Mad Boss.
Kind Regards,
Tarek Jabado - The Mad Boss Owner.

The Mad Boss Web Comic!

Welcome to the mad boss web comic website! We are both pleased and proud to bring you these fantastic web comics from our basement. Every working person has had to deal with a mad boss at some stage. We hypothesise on how the mad boss became mad however the truth is, no mad boss will explain why they are mad, not to anyone!

We believe there is an alternative to getting angry at your boss because he or she is mad. This is why we have created the mad boss free online webcomic, to help brighten up the days of workers and bosses alike. We understand how stressful working can be, and we believe that when your boss is mad, it may not be with you, even though he or she may take it out on you.

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